Helping Bags

We provide the homeless in San Diego, CA with free bags full of essential items needed for their health and wellness while living on the harsh streets. We hope that our small monthly acts of kindness distributing these bags can inspire others to contribute back to their local communities while bringing awareness to the growing homeless population.

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The Helping Bags concept came to me while driving back from a trip to the mall. I was struck by the amount of over consumption of people shopping for things they didnÕt actually NEED. On this same drive, I came across a street closer downtown with a line of people around the corner waiting for something but I couldnÕt figure out what. This intrigued me so I got out and asked the person working the front of the line what this was all about. He informed me they are a weekly operation that gives out food for free. This got me thinking Š what if you were in a position where you couldnÕt afford food but didnÕt know programs like these existed or even had the means to travel to these locations the various times they were open.

And Helping Bags was born.

Helping Bags for the Homeless

I decided to take action in my own small way by putting together a bag filled with necessities for someone homeless or just down on their luck living on the streets. I walked around downtown handing out bread while asking homeless people what items they most need and could help better their current situation. I used this information to create the contents of our bags. ItÕs the most simple things the average person takes for granted like fresh water, toilet paper and new socks that can be a lifesaver for another.

I know IÕm just one person but with my passion and drive IÕve learned I can make a change that betters someoneÕs quality of life. Everything purchased from the bags, bag contents, gear needed to conduct a Helping Bags mission has come out of my own pocket and with the help of friends who have been kind enough to volunteer their time to help distribute these bags one weekend a month. We do this because unlike giving money to a huge charity with overhead we can give back directly to someone in need and see the impact instantaneously.

Thank you for taking the time to look us up and for all of your positive feedback. Please take a moment to follow us on facebook to help spread our message.

Treat Others Well,
Evan Pickens


What's in each Helping Bags bag
  • 1 Bottle of water
  • 1 Box of raisins
  • 3 Throat lozenges
  • 1 Pair of heavy duty socks
  • 1 Roll of toilet paper
  • 1 Toothbrush kit also with toothpaste
  • 1 Bar of soap
  • 10 Bandages
  • 1 Organic food bar